Oct 8, 2015

Odds and ends October 8, 2015

Justin Bieber's penis is swimming across the internet, but everyone is OK with this. No one is raising a poopstorm about the poor young man's privacy... The complete opposite of what happened when we saw J-Law's mammaries. I mean, the FEDS wanted to protect Katniss' funbags, but the Bieber's wood? Crappy Gawker who still hasn't felt the wrath of Hulk Hogan seems to be celebrating the Bieb's indiscretion. Same media site who was condemning all those who fapped to saw all those female celebrity nude pics, is A-OK with sharing Bieber-dick pics.

But, this is not the bit of Bieber news that I wanted to talk about. Clickbait sites, akin to Buzzfeed are sharing this cute little story about Bieber being a douchebag to Ronda Rousey's little sister... 

Ronda Rousey Calls Out Justin Bieber For Being... por Linkbeef

Ooh! Justin Bieber vs Ronda Rousey is a UFC Fight that I'd pay to see... Followed by Chicken Man Punk vs THE Power Ranger, but Punk's a chicken,

Speaking of Power Rangers, the Movie Reboot is happening and they cast a Pink Ranger.
It's a Movie Reboot, so I am wary of those, but it's a new tale on Mighty Morphin, so I'm interested. Hopefully it will not suck...

Speaking of Sucking... Spidey is now Tony Stark, he even has The Prowler acting as his own Rhodey... the only not completely sucky thing is that The Living Brain is now housing an Otto Octavius AI.

So Marvel has an issue with Peter being married and having a somewhat normal adult life and they turn to the Devil to make Peter the Auntie's Boy Perennial Bachelor Loser that he was in his youth, because Reasons; but they are A-OK in turning Peter into Tony Stark Jr.!?
No wonder I quit Marvel.

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