Oct 18, 2015

Shinai naru Cerestia-hime:

I feel so alone... I'd normally finish that phrase with gonna end up a big ol' pile of them bones, but now is not the time for jokes. I have been going through one Hellish month, given certain circumstances that have happened and I wasn't ready for. Now I wish I had a Special Place to spend with my best friends from Ponyville. If it could be possible, could you help me with that?

Your somewhat Brilliant but Lazy student,

 Princess Celestia granted me that wish... Only problem is that she allowed this to happen in the Land of the Rising Sun, the Ancient Home of the Honorable Samurai Warriors, the place where Tentacles terrorize schoolgirls by pretending to be TSA Agents... the land of the Tie of Hens and daimakura, has a frigging My Little Pony Cafe... JAPAN HAS A MY LITTLE PONY THEMED CAFE... That kinda beats France's MGSV Restaurant...

It's not simply a Friendship is Magic Cafe, but it covers ALL GENS since GEN1 all the way to FIM...

But sadly, I am not Japanese, nor I have the resources to go to Japan...

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