Oct 26, 2015

Questions that may remain unanswered:

As I was lying down on my bed bored out of my mind but unable to sleep; my brain's darkest thoughts began to creep out. I should say darker instead of darkest, because darkest makes it sound like I'm suicidal or something... I'm not. By darker I mean random questions that often end up going into some weird places...

Due to some weird content and some immature thoughts on more mature topics, the list will be after the jump.

So, Daniel Radcliffe talked about his masturbatory habits on an interview. Can you guess WHAT question popped up? I'll give you a hint:

Y'all know that I dislike Jessie due to it being a watered down version of The Nanny.
Speaking of The Nanny:

I've often asked myself: Why did Fran dress up like a Hooker at times? Or are Hookers dressing up like Fran?

Why does Jerrica keep Rio around, when she knows he's cheating on her with, well, HER!!!? The guy claims to hate lies and secrets, yet he's always trying to hook up with BOTH JERRICA AND JEM!?

Why does Hasbro keep making My Little Pony: Equestria Girls movies and insist removing the Pony out of My Little Pony?

Why hasn't Aubrey Peeples fired her Agent? Sharknado, Jem... Or Jennifer Lawrence, whose agents only get her very little money for her roles... Which she found out after the leak of SONY emails...
My Phoenix Wright Senses are screaming HOLD IT! because back when the Fappening, uh Fappened; she was trying to say that those who fappened to watch those J-Law pics were criminals who violated her. But it's totally A-OK to look at private corporate information!?
How can she even?

Cadance is Pregnant!? How did Shining Armor!?
Skyla is canon!?

Why Sunglasses? Of all the things that could be made Sonic, why Sunglasses?

Well, those were the questions plaguing my mind as I tried to get a little shut eye before sleeping. Hopefully I'll be able to do a little power napping before tonight's shift!

Should I watch Jem the movie? The Live Action one, I mean.

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