Oct 15, 2015

Another Mattel Movie that MIGHT get DONE BEFORE MOTU...

Take a property that has been so dead that the only mention here was when this blog was on its infancy... the 8th or 10th Rant I ever made about 80s properties that NEEDED a Live Action Movie. Heck That property was so dead that many people didn't get the reference when it was made into a joke in the ORIGINAL TOY STORY...

Take a Dinosaur, give him guns and you get DINO RIDERS!!! A line made by Tyco, eventually Tyco was absorbed by Mattel, hence the Rex Joke in Toy Story.

Well, Mattel IS working to get a Dino Riders movie made. Really, Mattel is working on Dino Riders, while MOTU is still in Limbo.
The only good thing coming from this is maybe opening up peoples' minds to more Fantasy types of movies and maybe helping MOTU get made, but still... DINO RIDERS IS HAPPENING!!
I'm gonna hate myself for saying this, but maybe Michael Bay... should... d... di...
No! Absolutely not! Keep Bay away!

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