Oct 4, 2015

It Came From the Toy Chest: Cool Attack Elder

Chooblawesome is in the HizzOuse!! The 200X Yeti, man! There is not much I can say about Choobs without rewatching the Episode Trust from the 200X series.

He's the third of the 200X Mini Sub and a Heroic Warrior. Let's Review him.

Let's look at the Figure!


At his core, Choobs here is the Beastman buck. He has the same Articulation and limitations as Beastman at his core, but exaggerated due to the 200X origins of the character. (I never got around to review him) The new pieces give him a slight edge over Beastman with those hinged wrists (Limited, but the Articulation is there) His Armor slightly limits the Arm Movement.

Paint and Sculpt:
His body is Frosta White then has ACTUAL WHITE drybrushed over... HYPERDETAIL FTW!!! The Basic buck, as stated is the Beastman Buck, but new Forearms, hands, Head, Armor, Loincloth and feet. Oh, the Feet... They are more stable than Dactus, but his big forearms and hands make him a widdle too Top Heavy and he has the potential to fall, hard! Without his big Armor Piece his body looks incredibly Awkward.


1 Green Petrified Wood Staff... Choobs got the short end of the stick! Get it!? Missed opportunity to give him a little something something. A Little Eternium based on the episode he first appeared. ANYTHING, even if Choobs is not the intended owner of said item!

Choobs gets a 3.5, due to the lack of accessories. He needed something else. Maybe a second younger Kulatak head to somewhat Army build enough Kulataks to make a tribe.

On its own, Choobs is a decent figure, but he lacks a je ne sais quoi to put him beyond decent. Sure he may have some nifty tricks to mildly alter the standard body into something different, but him being an old pacifist Yeti makes him more of a super articulated Talking head than a badass Yeti figure.
His Armor Piece Made me Realize something:
a 200x Inspired Beastman could be doable in Classics using most of the MOTUC Buck.

a New Slightly Smaller Armor Piece
New Longer Forearms with Demo-Bracers
New Shins
Preternia Loincloth
New Head

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