Oct 19, 2015

Jessie's ending was a horrible failure.

Jessie ended this past weekend, but no one cares about that since the show sucks...

Buh-Bye!! Good Riddance!

Allow me to explain why the ending of Jessie was a failure... BECAUSE DISNEY MESSED UP THE TIMING FOR EVERYTHING!!

This Jessie Spin-Off was released BEFORE JESSIE'S RUN was over!
It kinda gave away part of Jessie's ending. Not to mention that the Craptacular Lamer's guide to pretty much everything stinks worse than Jessie.

Being Spoiled by the Network BEFORE THE SERIES END sucks ass!

Here's the plot: Christina Ross (the absentee Mom) returns home to find the kids too dependent of Jessie. Which to be fair, they are since JESSIE IS WITH THEM ALL THE FREAKING TIME!
So, Mommy dearest is a bit jealous and uses her star power to get Jessie a Role on the Game of Thrones Disneyfied ersatz movie. The kids annoyed by their Mother's cluelessness, they  go to Hollywood. The screw things up, but Jessie comes out on top and gets a gig as the star of a show where she's  fighting evil by moonlight, babysitting by daylight!
She leaves New York and Christina becomes a Full-Time Mom... Until she gets tired and sends most of the kids away to camp Titicaca! This last part we knew ahead of time, thanks to the Spin-Off... and Disney's horrible timing.

I think the whole Christina comes back angle was a bit too forced... It didn't help that her plan fell too forced and didn't make much sense.

Like Billy Mays used to say: BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!
On an Older Episode of Jessie, this happened:

Suite Life is in the same Universe as Jessie... So is Wizards of Waverly Place, Austin and Ally, Phineas and Ferb, The Marvel Universe, Hannah Montana, Girl Meets World AND SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH!!

I just blew your mind...

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