Oct 15, 2015

Marvel MIGHT get the F4 back...

They got a deal with SONY to get Spidey back... Now RUMORS have been circulating that the F4 might return to Marvel, due to a deal involving the X-Shows that that Fox is trying to get made...
One about the Hellfire Club and the other about Legion (Chuck X's bastard son who is not mentally stable and accidentally caused the Age of Apocalypse timeline)

So, for those shows getting the greenlight from Marvel involved Fox giving Marvel back the access to the F4, Doctor Doom, Galactus, the Silver Surfer and the rest of the F4 folks... or so is the rumor that is floating around the internet.

In a way, this IS a good thing for Marvel, since they kinda need SOME of their Cosmic Elements back for the Avengers and stuff... Wonder if the Skrulls will show up now that the MCU has access to them... Ooh! Galactus! Better have him voiced by George Takei!

The only bad news is a 4th Fantastic Four Origin Story may be in place... (Corman's, Tim Story's, Trank's, and then the new one...)

The issue is, CAN MARVEL PULL OFF A DECENT Fantastic Four Movie!?

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