Oct 9, 2015

MOTUC Batman will not be alone now...

NYCC has made a fantastic reveal from Mattel... thanks to that turducken that DC is releasing to get some of that Avengers money. Back in late 2013 I was able to get a TDKR Batman from Mattel, which is also known as the MOTUC Batman, since he's compatible with MOTUC. That Batman lost his arms to BS Hordak and Eventually became Place Holder Langella Skeletor.

They are Releasing a REPAINT of THAT BATMAN!! Blue and Gray with the OVAL SYMBOL in 2016!!
This is great for those who prefer the Blue and Gray Incarnation of Batman.
I know, I know... Another Bat-Variant!? After 3-4 Years... Why Not Superman?

THEY ARE RELEASING BATMAN AND SUPERMAN. Not sure if on their own or a VS Pack... In any Case I NEED THESE TWO!!
There's a slight catch...

Yup... They are Wal*Mart Exclusives... I know there are Wal*Marts in Puerto Rico, but WHY Limit these to ONE SINGLE STORE!? Betting my ass that they will not have ads to Mattycollector.
I'd love to see a NON-TDKR Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman to match.
Toss in a Ra's Al Ghul, Luthor with Exo suit, Deathstroke, Sinestro, Gorilla Grodd using the Gygor Buck and a Cheetah for villains and I'm sold. I'm not using Joker, because I don't want a MOTUC Guy in a suit... Also, the MOTUC Buck is too thick for Joker. Now someone will say: It's too thick for Sinestro too! A set of longer shins and forearms can help mask the MOTUC thickness... Proportions being off next to other figures can be chalked up to Alien.

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