Oct 18, 2015

Even Toyota is joining the BTTF Fever

So, this Wednesday, Mr. McFly will come from the 80s into the Present... in his case The Future!!
Well, Toyota has some interesting surprises... 2 Brand new Cars. One is the Mirai, which if My Japanese is somewhat Accurate it's Future... The Other car is a Brand New Toyota Hilux... Or a modified Tacoma to LOOK Like a Hilux... Whether the Hiluxed out Tacomas are on sale or not is not necessarily an issue, but the fact that they are USING BTTF References to promote their new "Future" Car on "BTTF Day" IS a genius move. I gotta give it to Toyota for pulling off this move.
Let's see: BTTF Nike shoes, the Mattel (failure of a) hoverboard, Pepsi Perfect AND a Hilux-ized Tacoma... All we need is Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd to have a perfect BTTF day! Now if Pizza Hut announces Dehydrated Pizza...

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