Oct 3, 2015

MacGyver Reboot!? Aw Hell Naw!

What the Hell, man!? How can you Reboot MacGyver and expect it to work on the 21st Century. This would basically be "Lifehacks: The Show." The only good thing so far is that The Fonz is backing this project. We just have to see if CBS will pick up the Project...

I mean it could be a Failure of Knight Industries Reboot levels...
MacGyver was a product of his time, in this 21st century with our iPhones and the Internet in our hands, we don't really NEED a MacGyver.

Come to think of it, MacGyver would be a nice protagonist to have back. An action hero who avoids guns and uses unorthodox methods to solve problems... WITH HIS BRAINS and the power of SCIENCE!! the problem is will it work?

I have to say that if this DOES Happen, that I want, nay, NEED Richard Dean Anderson in the role of Peter Thornton.

Posting this for no reason.

At least Mom will be spared from watching a Magnum P.I. reboot...

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