Oct 2, 2015

DC's Superhero Girls is WHAT!?

DC Girls is basically: Monster High with DC characters... Which is of course a way for DC and a Certain toy company that shall remain nameless to cash in on the Monster High Craze and try to sell some DC stuff... That is not the comics, because those are frowned upon by feminists... you know, the wacko Anita Sark...  Oops! I almost said her name, third wave, sex-negative misandrists masquerading as feminists. Because sexy is now evil! So, the DC Superhero Girls start with an already sexist title. The word Girls next to another word is sexist. Something something, male is the default and PAY TREE ARE KEY!! MY SOGGY KNEES!! and stuff!

Wonder Woman is now a High School kid like Supergirl and Batgirl... Let's ignore that there IS A WONDER GIRL that they could have used. Katana and Bumblebee are tokens. Not to mention that CatWoman is a high school girl now. Hal Jordan is a teen now... Guess Arisia Rrab is on diapers now! I'll be disappointed if they don't have a webisode where Hal has to babysit Arisia...

A School by Amanda Waller with Gorilla Grodd as a Teacher... No, just no! Now look at those uniforms... they look like bad halloween costumes instead of their Hero/Villain Uniforms. Also, they HAD to use the NU52 Thin Waller, because nothing says progress than making sure all dolls share the same buck! Then again, I never was fan of Thin-Waller to begin with. Neither should the "so-called progressives". Original Waller showed that you could achieve your goals and have power in a superhero comic WITHOUT having the "Perfect" Super bodies... That's another rant for another day.

It's a shame that DC is lending themselves for this kind of crap that instills a false sense of "girl power" to girls, when in reality we're going to get the same cliched "Doll storylines" that would work for Barbie, or at least Skipper, who is a High Schooler.
At least Super Best Friends Forever shorts were more faithful to the characters than the DC Superhero Girls shorts...

Hell, even Teen Titans Go! Seems better than this.

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