Oct 30, 2015

So the MMPR Reboot has a full Ranger Team cast.

I had commented about Pink Being Cast, well News of the rest of the Cast for the Other 4 Rangers has been made.

Noticed Something Odd?
Trini is now Latina, Zack is Asian, and Billy is Black... Zordon is no longer racist!!
If We believe the info posted by ScreenRant then the Rangers are NOT MY RANGERS...

They Are:
Red = Callum Oliver
Pink = Priya Patel
Black = Oscar Fernandez (guessing He's supposed to be Filipino)
Blue = Brian Olson
Yellow = Teyana Jones

Also, this movie will have 7 times the budget of Gem and the Sonograms... that is if this info is correct.

I'm a bit confused. If this is a Reboot of Mighty Morphin, then WHY don't the kids look like the Original Teenagers with Attitude?

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