Oct 31, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Skeletor Scratches He-Man's balls...

What does Flying Fists He-Man use to Attack Terror Claws Skeletor? His Spinning Ball Mace. Now what does Skeletor use to defend himself? The Terror Claws.

The Final Large Item of 2015's Club Eternia Sub (Not counting the Laser variants) is here. I never had these as a child. So let's get a move on!

Seeing that this is a Two Pack, I'll handle the characters individually before figuring out the score of the Pack!

Flying Fists He-Man:

Standard MOTUC Articulation, nothing to write Home about 4.5

Paint and Sculpt:
The Flying Fist He-Men have an issue: Derp Eye... Mine has very little of it... luckily!
I am not annoyed about the lack of Vac Metal on his armor... I am annoyed that the Armor is a FAT ONE. Other than that it's Vanilla He-Man with symmetrical bracers. 4.0

The Spinny Ball Mace, The Spinny Shield and an Unpainted Power Sword...
He got stuff, but the paint on them leaves a lot to be desired.
I hate the Spinny Ball thing: Has a thick Handle and doesn't spin right. It wobbles and hits the black piece causing the spin to stop prematurely. It also looks a bit bootleggy.
The Shield is OK but needed a silver coat on it to look shiny.
The sword needed some paint on it... I might swap the Castle Grayskull sword for this.

He-Man gets an overall score of 4.17, which is surprising because Flying Fists he-Man is known as the Weakest Variant. I find it even better after a slight repaint... Screw "classics 2.0" THIS IS MY FILMATION HE-MAN!!

Terror Claws Skeletor:
Skeletor regrets his year living on the
Jersey Shore...

Like He-Man before him, there isn't much to write about here.

Paint and Sculpt:
Seen one Skeletor, you've seen them all... The only variations are Weapons, Terror Bra Armor, and that's it!
The classic Pieces work, although I would have preferred the Kobra Khan Boots.
I don't like the Dudebro Tan. I'm almost tempted to paint tan-lines on him.

You wanna play rough? OK!Say ello' to my lil' frien!
 The Terror Claws and a Dino Gun thing... Used to be the Thing on Skeletor's back in the olden days. Shame that the Claws feel incomplete and lacking paint

Skeletor gets a 4.33 as his score. Sure his skin is darker and the claws feel a bit bootleggy.

The set gets a 4.25, which is decent. Had both figures gotten better weapons and in some cases better paintjobs (no derp eyes and no super dark skin on Skeletor) MAYBE they would have scored better.

If you'd like a different alternative to the claws and Flying Fists Weapons, there is always Shapeways... derWaffenmeister has some cool versions of these that were made about a year before these figures were released.

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