Nov 1, 2015

PoP 2.0 should be Purely.Vintage Toy Based

It's the only thing that makes sense, really. The POP Figures are already 85%+ Filmation, so why WASTE Slots on redoing "Filmation She-Ra" when the MOTUC She-Ra is Slightly tanned Filmation She-Ra. or BP She-Ra being Filmation She-Ra with toy boots and bracers...
Or a Filmation Glimmer (sure I'd like a shorter Glimmer, but really? a Redo of the EXACT SAME GLIMMER THAT WE GOT only a few millimeters shorter?)
Now I am NOT asking to redo ALL The Rebels, just the ones who had EXTREME Differences between Toy Look and Filmation.

It's not even a whole line (and we could always pop in the "Corrected Frosta head" as an extra with another figure.) It also kinda brings back CORE Rebels to the mix. We have a Precedent in the shape of KOWL!!

She-Ra only needs a Cape and Skirt (sword Too)
Catra only needs a Skirt and Forearms and boots
Angella needs new EVERYTHING aside arms and legs.
Casta needs No new parts
Glimmer Needs a new head (with new Tiara and hair), New Upper body clothing.
Bow Needs a new head New Cape and ARMORS, New Bow, Arrows, Quiver, modified Goatman Forearms to use the Bow Hands and Strongor Feet. We could use the Plundor Loincloth.

So, we can see that this sub-line wouldn't need THAT much new tooling and we COULD get away with SOME smart reuse. Toy POP can work well with MOTUC and not look out of place. I think I've been campaigning this since 2010 or 2011... Totally 2011!! yes, I'm going the OPPOSITE of what Mattel did with MOTU and the Filmation Sub-line, BECAUSE MOTUC WENT with the Mostly Vintage Toy route with the uh, toys!

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