Nov 23, 2015

Matty's 8 days to cyber Monday Sale Day 1 wasn't that bad...

$150 Grayskull + Free Shipping (using the Slowest Option) That is all.

Sure there were other items at 50% off... Damn! Due to dealing with the aftermath of Mom's passing, I'm unable to partake and missed out on getting Extra Griffins and Stratos figures.
Cherry Coke Hordak is Under $13!!
 Even the Overpriced "Super Powers" figures got to a reasonable price... Heck! The Entire Watchmen series for under $100 is a steal!

Well played, Matteh! Well Played... Let's see how the rest of the week plays out!
Also, Point Dread was PULLED!!! (expected)

All that delicious custom fodder and not having the dough to get them is making me a bit sad...
Seriously, $11 Pond Chickens and BOWS... DAMN!!

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