Nov 13, 2015

Making a Case for Skeleteen in MOTUC...

Calm, down! Satan is not getting an Icy makeover on his domain! Drop those pitchforks and torches and hear me out... Next Month we are Getting Dare, the Stupid Son of He-Man... Therefore we Need Skeleteen! Yes, I've made that argument before and People still hate it, BECAUSE there is a dislike towards the Son of He-Man era, that I share as well. At the same time, we KINDA NEED him seeing he's "Dare's Skeletor". Yes I keep going back to this point as the main crutch to have the character. Now there is another bio that made Skeleteen somewhat Relevant.
Twistoid's bio stated that after Twistoid was Destroyed in UBG II, his "Robotic Brain: was put inside a Roton and basically became the MOTUC KARR!!

So, what I'm suggesting is a Skeleteen + Roton 2 pack!
Theoretically speaking Roton is just a Top shell, a Lower Shell, the Spinning Rotor sandwiched on the Shells, Weapons, Gears and wheels with an optional Canopy if using the Model as Inspiration.
Now Skeleteen's Coat might present a problem for the Roton... Unless the Seat has a removable back plate to allow the coat/cape to hide the lower parts of the cape and allow the figure to seat properly. The cape would cover the hole. Plus you can add a removable canopy from the Model Kit. Boom!

sure, Skeleteen has a few new parts, but he's doable.
Torso, Shoulders, Biceps, thighs could be reused (right thigh could be Masque's to have the belt on it) Looks like the Loincloth is Filmation Skeletor with a removable belt on top. His Havoc Staff could totally be the 200X Staff.
Now that I AM looking at him up close, YIKES! It kinda kills the Army Building Vibe with the Rotons, but do not Fret! I ALSO have a solution for that...

2 Different Rotons... by pulling a MOTUC Kowl Maneuver. First Release the Red Roton with Black Rotor WITH Skeleteen as the rider... (non-Sub item) Then at a Later date release the Black Rotons with an "Army Builder" figure. (A Skeleton Soldier, Filmation Goblin or Slime Pit Mutant) This one could be a Sub item. Toss in a few Highly desired Accessories with Skeleteen and Boom!
Completists will buy it because Red Roton is tempting (Maybe toss in some Flame Decals and stuff)

I know this is a weak case and that I'm at a crossroads with Skeleteen. The part of me that wants him is very lukewarm about it and it's 98% because we're stuck with Dare.
Yeah, we may have The Unnamed One, but it's a bit lame that Dare's enemy is simply "Evil Orko".
I mean, He-Ro has Hordak and King Hssss, KG has King Hssss and Hordak, He-Man has Skeletor (Hordak and King Hssss too) She-Ra has Hordak (Skeletor too... sort of, Catra and Horde Prime) Dare has... UNO.

Yeah... The Son of He-Man not being well received (including the House of Rants) is hurting the chances of Skeleteen seeing the light of day... Yes, I'm aware there are WAY better characters and more popular ones that deserve a spot, but since shoved Dare down our throats, well... you get the idea. His garish 90s XTREEM! Design, his silly name, his era of Origin are the biggest obstacles he has to go through. The only saving grace lies in his characterization on the December Mini comics. Hopefully Scott's writing isn't as awful this time around and Skeleteen becomes somewhat interesting...

I guess we could say that Skeleteen has...

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