Nov 16, 2015

Talon fighter, Point Dread and Teela on Sale today...

forgot about Point Dread and Talon Fighter being on Sale Today... Well, with the whole personal issues that I'm still dealing with, then there's a whole bunch of unrelated to the House of Rants that I have to deal with... In any case, if you want one, go here.

Scott Neitlich fired some heavy shots with this post... Sad part is that they WILL RING TRUE TO MANY PEOPLE... In a way, I agree with the sentiment. Seeing past sales where items got a huge discount (Like how I got Castle Grayskull with Free shipping, which translated to a roughly 50% off on the price of the castle.) can discourage people into getting the newer items. The thing that bugs me is:

If I Say it, I'm just Joe Q. Public saying it. There are no past or present affiliations to Mattel.
When Scott Neitlich FORMER BRAND MANAGER FOR MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE FROM MATTEL says it, it sounds unprofessional. Like a tinge of Sour Grapes... This "I'm no longer working for them so, screw them!" attitude is not cool.

He is known as the FORMER MATTEL GUY in toy forums and whether we agree or disagree with him, his opinions carry some weight. Now what he is saying (wait for a sale to get it cheaper) is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what he said constantly when HE WAS THE MATTEL GUY.

Remember the "Vehicles are unlikely because the Wind Raider didn't sell well." or "Snake Mountain is unlikely because of the Grayskull cancellations." posts? I do. While, as a customer, he has the right to buy the items at his leisure and wait for better deals, it kinda stinks knowing how he used to berate us for doing that. Especially since he works for a RIVAL TOY COMPANY!! That is what makes it seem more unprofessional.

I know some people are thinking the same thing like Wait for Black Friday and get it for cheap...
They can pull it to avoid selling it for less. IIRC they did that to the Battle Ram. It's a risk that you may take, but remember, Lady Luck is fickle and she may not always be on your side.

I'm aware that she will not sell out in seconds, I mean it's still around over 3 hours later. Now The set has Teela working against it, so that's allowing for some staying power, but on the other hand the Talon Fighter looks sweet as Hell, so it could sell out over the weekend.

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