Nov 2, 2015

I knew it would suck, but Jem's failure seems to be TRULY TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

This would be considered "kicking down" on an "easy target", but DAMN! My local theater has given Jem the kiss of death!
Two TRULY, TRULY OUTRAGEOUS Showings: The movie's been out roughly 2 weeks in the US. I saw it roughly 3-4 days after it started and I was pissed, not to mention the theater was EMPTY with only 6 seats used.
This is the only one that has 2 showings of the movie, BTW. The rest have only ONE show a day!
$387,925 on this weekend at 2,417 locations for a total of  $2,028,755... The only movie faring WORSE than JEM is doing BETTER than JEM... Bill Murray's Rock the Kasbah made LESS than JEM this weekend, BUT is playing on far less theaters AND the Overall Box Office Gross is $2,430,726 so, HOW CAN THIS BE!? That Movie is R!? How can it be doing better than JEM!?

Well, let's take a guess, shall we?

According to the critics at Rotten Tomatoes, the main issue seems to be:
Jem and the Holograms ignores its source material's goofy charm in favor of bland by-the-numbers drama.

You know what this Jem debacle reminds me of?

Sadly, DB:E had better budget, but that failed too!
We don't need a 100% Accurate adaptation, but an adaptation that RESPECTS the Material and keeps the core characteristics of it. Here is where Jem failed.
My only issue with the failure of Jem is that no reboot will save her now.

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