Nov 25, 2015

Ah, here it is: This is why I couldn't stand with Ahmed.

We interrupt the Matty Sale Date Update, mostly because posting ONE NEW ITEM a DAY is a bit lame and the fact that Day 3 hasn't started yet allows me to rant about something else...

Remember Ahmed Mohamed? The kid who disassembled a clock, put it on a briefcase-looking pencil case and the whole thing resembled a 1980s Cinematic Bomb Briefcase?
The 14 year old kid who was known to be a prankster and somewhat of a MacGyver, who was aware that "Muslim Terrorists" are Terrorists who twist and pervert their religion to suit their needs. Said kid had suffered through insults (which he blames to post 9/11 "Islamophobia") Somehow wasn't aware that Putting a gutted clock in a case that kinda looked like a bomb case would cause people to be afraid that it might be a bomb, especially AFTER SUFFERING THROUGH INSULTS ABOUT HIM BEING A TERRORIST JUST BECAUSE HE IS MUSLIM...

Not to mention that his father was interested in gaining Political Power in the Middle East.

Well they moved to Qatar, after getting a Scholarship... Now he is back making a Demand:

You are 14 Million Short, Doctor...
Yes, Ahmed's Family is demanding $15 Million Dollars as an Apology... They also want an apology from the school and the district. If these demands are not met in 60 days, they. will. sue!

the first seconds of this video show what happened to the Sympathy that the kid had acquired after the demands were made.

$15 Million... For Meeting the President of the USA, getting an International Scholarship, tons of free goodies, "paraded as a hero against racism", etc. I fail to see the "severe damages" he suffered or the "damages to his reputation".

I wonder how many reacted like this:

Once again, it's a shame that the kid is being used by manipulative adults. Think about it: $15 Million could help his father's failed attempts at becoming President of Sudan, or start a business in Qatar.
Had they just asked for the public apologies, they would have still gotten the praise, but the $15 Million? That is PURE GREED. Think about the ways this would screw the School, but more importantly the EDUCATION of the Students going there. Not to mention the people of Irvine who'd have to pocket the money to pay for this.

The theory that this was done ON PURPOSE is starting to make more sense...

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