Nov 3, 2015

Oh noes. I missed out on Classics 2.0!!

Tch! I'm so sad that I missed out on getting the same characters I already have in a less Detailed look! I mean I'm GLAD that I missed out on them!  I hope those who wanted them enjoy them and that y'all don't get hit by Point Dreadful Teela syndrome.
Miley proving that she's the Perfect Teela... PD Teela that is!
I don't know the fate of this sub, seeing that Mattel was silent and when they spoke, well, that didn't go well with fans.

No sneak peeks at the missing figures like the Collector's choice, where we got to see General Sunder, who was MIA from the list...
This 2.0 Sub got none of that. They NEEDED to show an Evil Lyn Prototype, just to ease up potential customers afraid of PD Teela...

While I was NOT going to sub up, this Silence by Mattel is somewhat scary. They have done NOTHING to alleviate the fears and doubts of the customers. This is a disservice to those who actually wanted these.

I guess we'll find out how successful this experiment is...

Part of me is afraid of the OTHER 2016 Mini Sub...


  1. i really hope it fails & they expand the Collector's Choice to 12 figures a year. but they seem to think people will buy these stupid FAILmation figures so maybe that's why they haven't done any extra promotion.

    1. apparently it passed. No surprise there. I expected "year 1" to pass. The real test for ALL the subs will be 2017.