Nov 13, 2015

It's Friday! Friday! Jason's having fun on Friday! (Nov 13, 2015 odds and ends)

His first victim is:
Link with BOOBS!!
Yes, Nintendo caved to Anita's whining and now we have a "Girl Link".

First: WHY a "Girl Link" called Linkle?
Couldn't they call her anything else? I mean, it still sounds derivative of Link... Can you imagine the bitching fit Anita will have with this? This is blatantly a Ms. Male Character! Also it kinda sounds like Tinkle, Tingle...

Oh S***T! Linkle = Link + Tingle!! The EWW! has been doubled! I gotta say, the Pigtails remind me of Aryll, but look at that horribly sexist costume that will make the Sock Juice Whiners have a fit! Thigh length boots, skorts... Surprised that the Ass.Creed hoodie is covering all the cleavage. Look she has two crossbows because Girl can't use sword and shield trope...

I mean, they already have created a brand new Female character for this game with Lana. This "genderbent" Link reeks of a ploy to make the 160K whiner to shut the hell up!

Jason's next victim is:
Just a puppet... who will settle it in SMASH!!
That's right, Super Dweeb/super Cereal Protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, AKA Lightning with a penis is going to hit Smash Brothers U...

WHY? He's not been in a Nintendo Console until... Crap! Forgot about Kingdom Hearts: chain of memories... Carry on, puppet boy! Become more OP than Ryu... or Little Mac.
 As long as we don't get the newest challenger...

All jokes aside, I think that a more CLASSIC Square Character from the "Nintendo era" would have been better for Smash... Crono, Geno, Cecil, Edgar, Warrior of Light, a Moogle!!

Remember kids, don't bump uglies today unless you want Jason to visit you!!

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