Nov 30, 2015

He don't have the Eye of the Tiger... but he has something else.

So, I saw Creed... I can't make a Play by Play Spoilerrific Rant, because it would require Multiple viewings and with the Prices on Movie Tickets, well, it ain't cheap. Yeah, I've done it before, but now I can't afford to watch the same movie 3 times... (Time and Logistical constraints)
So, Creed, not Really Rocky VII but totally Rocky VII...
I could easily describe it as a 2015 Blacksploitation version of Rocky Reboot/Sequel... Because it's pretty much a Sequel as an SJW-somewhat Friendly Reboot.
We start with the Bastard Child of Apollo Creed, named Adonis Johnson. He's a bastard since he was born after He-Man Drago killed Apollo from a Mistress that Creed had. "Donnie Johnson" (aka Adonis Johnson/Creed) is played by Black Johnny Storm actor, Michael B. Jordan.
Now I have to say this, Jordan is a decent actor, just not Johnny Storm. His role as Adonis here shows that he can manage. (his previous work shows that as well, but avoid Chronicle and Trankt4stic Flop)

So, Donnie has Fighter's blood inside of him, always fighting through foster homes and juvie. He ends up being adopted by Mary Anne Creed, wife of the Late Apollo Creed and she gives him a shot at life outside the system. He even has a decent job and all, but he throws it away to become a pro-boxer.(He has a few fights under his belt south of the border) He tries training at the Gym that trained Apollo and gets his ass kicked, so he goes to Philadelphia in a Reverse Fresh Douche of Bel-Air move. Kid somehow convinces the Italian Stallion to come out of Retirement and Train him.

So, Rocky is now Mickey and Adonis is Rocky... They use Mick's Unorthodox Training and they beat the fighter trained on Mick's Gym. The truth about him being the Bastard Son of Apollo Creed is leaked to the media and this causes the current champ (who is going to jail due to a weapons charge) wanting to fight the "son of Apollo Creed" as his final fight. Adonis accepts, so we get more training. Things get a bit rough when Adonis discovers that Rocky has Cancer and his bad temper led to a fight with a workmate of his "Adrian", a singer with progressive deafness. Rocky promises Adonis to get treated if Adonis fights with all his heart. In the end the faux tension between Adonis and Bianca (the "Adrian") is resolved and she goes to the fight.

Like Rocky, we get the fight between the Champ and the Underdog and if you've seen Rocky, then the ending for Creed should be expected. Now here's the thing: The movie works as a Sequel, Passing the Torch kind of thing for a new Franchise... I should guess that Rocky will kick the bucket for Creed III while Adonis fights a "Clubber Lang"... Wonder who will be the "Drago" for Creed IV? Will we have a Robot? So, by these last few statements you can guess that I feel that this movie is pretty much a Reboot/retread of Rocky. It works, but at the same time it acts against the movie.

The only real nitpicks I have are:

Music, mostly hip hop and it kinda distanced itself from the traditional Rocky-styled music... Probably because MBJ is black, they used "black music". I did notice a few faint notes echoing "Gonna Fly Now" on a few scenes with Balboa in it.

The whole Bianca sub-plot felt a bit forced, seeing that she was supposed to be the "adrian". Something didn't click with me on this whole relationship, since the whole "deafness" angle felt forced to have something off from this beautiful girl. There was no real awkwardness, like with Adrian and Rocky.

Other than that, it was an enjoyable experience and I'm hoping for a sequel... Part of me is curious if they WILL Retread Rocky II or head in a new Direction? If you haven't seen it, have enjoyed the GOOD Rocky Movies (I, II, III, Parts of IV, and Rocky Balboa) then you should go see it...
I kinda want to see Adonis meeting Drago.

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