Nov 8, 2015

No More Bananas!?

Seems that Banana plants might be dying of a fungal disease...
Some took the news harder than others...
You are a Bey-eetch that doesn't have mmmm, Bananas!
Specifically speaking, the Cavendish variety of Bananas are being affected. This is the Traditional Banana for the US folks and the most exported type. The one used on those delicious Banana Splits... No... Not those Banana Splits... Don't you dare add the Bananas in Pajamas clip, Spike!!

So, Look at that tasty Ice Creamy, Hwipped Cream and Banana piece of heaven right there! If this whole Banana Killing Fungus thing is true, then The Banana Split will change... forever!
Same thing will happen to Corn Flakes, banana smoothies and all the Banana related products!! Hopefully The Banana Producers will look into different kinds of Mmmmm, bananas!

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