Nov 17, 2015

Charlie Sheen is officially NOT WINNING

I just found out that Charlie Sheen has HIV.

Yes, I know this video is in REALLY, REALLY, BAD TASTE, but it accentuates the whole "Crazy Charlie Sheen" stunt from the past... About 4 years, IIRC.

Charlie has been known for his wild partying ways and it's unsurprising that he ended up with HIV.
Now just because I said it's not surprising that a man with such lifestyle gets infected, does not mean that I think he deserves it. I mean, crap! That's one huge load on his shoulders now.

On more sad news, Don Vito is DEAD!!

He died of Liver and Kidney Failure. HE was 59!? Shoot! I thought he was MUCH OLDER than that... Oh well...

In any case my condolences to his family (including that Douche Bam)

Slimer is rumored to be forced in the unwanted reboot... Can't muster any energy to make a joke about Slimer sliming McCarthy... If it's true, will they Genderbend him into a her? Wouldn't be a true Genderbent version if they don't... So much for wanting to do "their own thing and not be attached to the originals..." Well, assuming the rumor is true.

Kylo Ren's lightsaber explained: Old Design, unstable and the crossguard is not really a crossguard but vents where excess power vents off... feh! In any case in roughly a month the Force will awaken... Will it live up to the hype or will it be another Phantom Menace... J.J. don't screw this up!!

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