Nov 1, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Dirty Hippie with Cosby Tendencies...

I am talking about Perfuma... The Flower Child of Princess of Power.
Normally I don't do Bios on these, but Perfuma's is one of those that NEEDS to be discussed:

Perfuma™ Bio
Real Name: Tara
Born on Etheria in an enchanted flower garden far, far away where sunflowers sang and daffodils danced, Tara was taught by the magical flowers to put people to sleep. She now uses this secret power to help She-Ra and the Great Rebellion. Whenever Catra and the evil Horde try to make mischief she opens her petals into a beautiful blossom. As soon as enemies get a whiff of her perfume, all they want to do is fall into a deep slumber. She later used her power on Eternia, traveling with She-Ra to join the heroic Masters of the Universe in the continuing battle against Hordak. With the power over everything that grows, Perfuma's enemies come near and are put to sleep with her floral aroma. Even Hordak cannot stand the beautiful scents of Perfuma's magic and had to beg She-Ra to take her away!

Straight from the Matty Page I swiped her bio.
Right out of the bat: Drugs from plants... to make people sleep...

She opens up her petals into a beautiful blossom... Seeing that flowers are an euphemism for vaginas and that my dirty, DIRTY, DIRTY mind can make Perfuma into a serial Rapist like Bill Cosby is being accused of well, being; you can see what I mean.

As soon as Enemies smell her arousal they fall into a deep slumber... Emphasis the deep slumber part, that can't be woken up easily...
They are pretty much at her mercy... but the bio emphasizes this and adds something even scarier...

With the power over EVERYTHING that grows, Perfuma's enemies come near and are put to sleep with her floral aroma...
EVERYTHING THAT GROWS... That totally implies the Phallus. So basically, she gives the enemies a boner, knocks them out, has her way with them, and then she leaves. The male victim was raped, but not really, because Patriarchy makes him the rapist, even if he was unconscious and Perfuma had sex without his consent. That is how she gets away with rape.
Boom! Mind Blown!

All weird Perfuma is a rapist jokes aside, WHO IS HER? She's basically GIRLY MOSSMAN, or a non-criminal Poison Ivy... though she kinda looks like the child of Ivy and Harley...

Man! She stinks! The "Flowery aroma" is sickening... in an almost smells kinda toxic way. Seems to be concentrated on her Flowers... But her crotch also smells of "Flower Scented" insecticide... Don't judge me! If you are allergic to certain scents (or in this case STENCH) then she's not for you! Unlike Mossman or Stinkor, her "Scent" is SUPER Strong.
She can't spread her legs to do
Spinning Cartwheel kicks...
Or to "open her petals" as the
bio says...

If you've seen Recent POP Ladies, without any Boot Cut, Perfuma is JUST Like them, but with an Aerith Long Skirt, which turns her Leg Articulation into USELESS Articulation. Coupled with her Long Hair, well she is VERY Limited.

Paint and Sculpt:
Aside a slight derp on her right eye... (seems like 2015 is the year of Derpy) her Paintjob is pretty nice! No visible slop on her. The sculpt is pretty cool! the skirt even has a subtle floral filigree on it.
Her face does seem a bit off. She looks closer to her 30s than her 20s, or the drugs have taken some detrimental effects to her health.

She has a POP Shield. nothing to write Home About, a Flower Headdress... Problem is...

It Literally stinks... I mentioned that already, but I need to emphasize how much that thing stinks. scent-wise.
She has a PROTON CANNON!! but of Stinky Flower... That thing REEKS!!! I think is the stinkiest Perfuma item... or the stinkiest MOTUC Item.
Just be careful with this: Remember
Female MOTUC Figures have a
Flimsy Ball joint on their necks.
That Flower Feels HEAVIER than
Only ONE Little Non-Stench related problem. Perfuma can't hold it. It's too heavy! (Feels Heavier than Perfuma herself) Also, the lack of a gripping left hand hinders her Flower Bazooka holding ability. Then again, it's supposed to be the vintage toy's Backpack and there is nowhere to put it... Well, you can MacGyver it on her hair, but it ain't pretty. To be fair, she CAN Hold it if the cannon has no flower.

Once again, Scarface Reference!
Perfuma gets a 3.0 due to her stench, her inability to use her Vintage Backpack as a backpack OR a bazooka. The Toy based Great Rebellion is NOW Complete!! For now I'm keeping Perfuma away from most figures because of her sickening stench! I mean sickening as in having to throw up for reals! That's why not even Toy me got close to her.

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