Nov 8, 2015

Hey! What the!? Oliver Queen!?

Finally! We have our first Green Arrow Wannabe! It only took 3 Seasons of Arrow until someone decided to Oliver Queen his city! Nanticoke Pennsylvania is the home of the New Arrow!

Yes, there is a Masked Vigilante firing arrows at people during his hunt for criminals.
The 15 year old was attacked in front of his home. He says a masked man walked up to him with a bow and arrow and asked him, "Where the drugs were at?" When he said he didn't know. He was hit with the arrow.
You know what scares me the most? Not that there is a Vigilante running about imitating Ollie Queen. That eventually we'll have some sort of wetblanket SJW type who will complain about Marvel and DC making shows about vigilantes and that people are imitating fiction...

But , this clip is for the Arrow Wannabe!

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