Nov 23, 2015

I sometimes wonder how would 200X Figures look if they were more Vintagized.

I know this sounds horribly weird, knowing my preference for 200X... I know this seems similar to my "What's with the  200X Hate?" rant where I had an idea for a more Vintage Looking Dactus.
Well, that Rant in addition to the Ceratus Review and my recent 200X-fication of my brand new MOTUC Whiplash... We've seen how King Grayskull turned out being "Vintagized" same thing with Zodac... Marzo could have used a bit more Vintagizing, but we kinda got there...

So, I applied that idea and made this sketch on what a Vintage-ized head for Ceratus could look like...
I kinda like it... not simply because I made it, but because it would have allowed us a way to Army Build Caligar Warriors. Not to mention that it would have served the same purpose as the 200X Head on Whiplash, but at the opposite end of the spectrum.
Back in 2010, I recall people buying MULTIPLE Whiplashes to make army builders with the extra head. (In most cases using the 200X head as a generic brute, while Reptilian Abe Vigoda was the Default Whiplash)

Heck some people even bought Third Party Ceratus heads to use on the whiplash buck.

I'll admit that a more Vintagized Choobs would royally Suck, but Ceratus getting a Vintage inspired head, which based on my quick sketch would have been rather easy to make.

Now, don't take this as an endorsement for more "Vintagized" 200X Figures in classics.  This is just me wondering about what COULD HAVE BEEN and with Ceratus, I kinda like the Vintageized potential look. (Not as Ceratus, seeing that I prefer his VERY 200X look, but as something else.)

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