Nov 30, 2015

The Top Alternate Heads needed in MOTUC

Well, think about it: They did often said that 200X heads were a no-no and now we got some 200X Head love! In the spirit of Alternative looks, or fixing issues here's a list of heads needed in MOTUC:
Note: I will only do 10 Characters because I want to make this a somewhat short list.

Oo-Larr's "Vintage head"
Laser Power Head

Yes, Faker gets 3 heads... It could be 6 if we demand battle damaged versions of those two heads. There is no real reason to not request the Extra Battle Damaged versions... That way, you can have a Faker to match your He-Man.

New Filmation Head with an actual Chin...
Mattel KNOWS they dropped the ball with Teela... and no matter what that ONE Fool says, that Teela is NOT "Perfect".

Mini comics Blonde Teela head with slightly longer Ponytail.


These do not need any real explanation. One is for Blue Hordak, the other for Standard, Hurricane or BS versions of him.

The official MOTUC Head is horrendous... The hair doesn't help her either. A more Accurate Frosta head would be welcome.

Snout Spout:
Fix the Trunk rot...

King Randor and Queen Marlena:
Crownless heads. Having the King and Queen without their crowns can help them when displayed as captives by Skeletor.

Two words: Articulated Jaw. This will help make Skeletor more expressive, whether the head is Acala syled, Vintage or 200X.

"unmasked head"
We have a Flipshot without a Helmet, we need a Hydron without his Respirator, period.

The last Figure who needs an Alternate head is...
Keldor! And yes, the Head is the Melty Face Keldor...

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