Nov 10, 2015

Odds and ends November 10, 2015: Jem, Trump, Star Wars...

Which bit of news should I start with? Star Wars it is!
Stars of the Star Wars: episode VII: The Force Awakens campaigned to have a Terminally Ill MEGA FAN to be able to see The Force Awakens earlier than the rest of us. That campaign was a success!
Yay! Well, here come the bad news, Daniel Fleetwood, Star Wars mega fan has passed away.
My condolences to his family. My appreciation goes to the people who allowed this man to see the movie before he passed away.

SJWs and the  Ridiculous Conservatives have something in common... They whine about the pettiest of things and the most First World Problems. (Note, not all Conservatives are ridiculous. There are level headed individuals on both sides of the Political Spectrum.)
OK, so now they want to boycott Starbucks because of Plain Red and Green Cups. They even got the Racist Animal living atop Donald Trump's head to get into the Starbucks boycotting action.
The reason people are whining about the cups: No Merry Christmas on them, or Snowmen, or Snowflakes, or Jingle Bells, or Christmas Trees, you know THINGS THAT ARE COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO THE BIRTH OF CHRIST!!

Of course, the Donald and the Racist Animal on his head are trying to win the Religious Conservative vote, by suggesting that he will bring back "Merry Christmas" as a phrase to be used by everyone instead of "Happy Holidays". I've never been sure if Trump was for real or if he is trolling everyone.
I'm starting to think that he's trying to Out-Kardashian the Kardashians on the Media Whore scene.
Really? Fighting over Red and Green (colors associated with Christmas or Freddy Krueger)
He said that he's even going to end the lease on a Starbucks at one of his buildings. REALLY!? Causing people to lose their jobs from an AMERICAN COMPANY operating on his building because of a RED AND GREEN CUP... Is this the REAL PATRIOTIC AMERICAN that SOME REPUBLICANS ARE PUSHING FOR!? This is why some people make fun of republicans in general.

There are far more important things that The Donald and the Racist Animal residing atop his head could argue about? Drugs, Gang Violence, Problems with Education? Nope! A Red and Green Cup is where it's at!
I need to wash off the crappy flavor off of my mouth... Jem failed so bad that Universal is pulling the movie from theaters! Jem did WORSE than Trankt4stic... Sadly, we'll never see a Real Jem thanks to Chu's Turd and the Poopograms! The property is viable IF GIVEN THE RESPECT AND BUDGET IT DESERVES. This movie FAILED because it was disrespected right out the bat with a shoestring budget, which "forced" the filmmakers to bastardize the hell out of the property in order to make a movie ON THAT crappy budget. I mean it's not like they're making Monopoly: The movie... Wait! There's TWO MONOPOLY MOVIES COMING!?

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