Nov 18, 2015

Point Dread Sold OUT!?

Satan's abode must have frozen over... Really... Point Dread Sold Out... I even got a screencap because I couldn't believe it!

There is ONE THING going through my mind:

Is this "Sold Out" sign REAL, or is this a Matty "Artificial Rarity" Strategy? It sold out in less than 2 days. Point Dread with all the moaning about the size, the HORRIBLE Teela, etc, Sold Out in 2 Days... I mean we're less than a week from the Matty TURDucken Week before Cyber Monday sale... Maybe that had something to do.
I mean it could be that it was Pulled to avoid giving a discount on a recent item and then suddenly they find Misplaced Crates filled with Talon Fighters and it comes back.

By the Way, they haven't updated the site to say it sold out, so I'll expect tons of angry would be buyers complaining about this... Then again it's like 6:00 in Matty-land.

But really? Less than two days!? I have to call shenanigans on that!

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