Nov 11, 2015

Konami Caved in and gave us Quiet back!?

Was this their plan all along, or did the petition actually did something. In any case...

Now... All you need is to do the 1.06 Update of the game. Once you have updated and you have LOST Quiet to Mission 45, all you have to do is REPLAY MISSION 11: cloaked in silence, AKA Quiet Boss Battle.
You have to do this roughly 7 times until the Mission changes from REPLAY: Cloaked in Silence
to REUNION: Cloaked in Silence.
Now, this is crucial... FINISH THE BATTLE with NON-LETHAL METHODS, Rocket Punch, Supply Drop, TranqSnipe the living daylights out of Quiet.
Then you get your Quiet back!
Now I can have my revenge against the Skulls (snipers)!! I think the Metallic Archaea glitch was fixed... Will look for more info before taking Quiet with me there...

Sorry, DD! you have been Replaced by (does any one know Quiet's cup size?)

OK, sexist joke aside, Konami seems to be doing something good, for once.
They are working with the Phantom Limb Project to create a Punished Snake Prosthetic arm for a real person to use! Of course, the arm will not have the Rocket or Jehuty features, but it's pretty cool that they are doing something other than pachinko machines, firing creative geniuses, or stopping the MG Fan Remake that was going to have DAVID HAYTER doing the voice of Snake...

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