Nov 2, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest... Do I keep him or do I repaint him into his brother?

I could go with the Usual Liquid Snake reference, but seeing that this IS a review for a 200X Figure, I'll keep the Cam Clarke references to a He-Man... and this figure ain't He-Man...
It's Ceratus, Leader of the Caligars and Elder BROTHA!(would you kindly read it in Liquid's voice?) of Whiplash. He also had a slight beef with Lord Dactus, but it was solved in one episode of the 2002 series.

That's pretty much what I can say about him.

Ceratus looks WAY too 200X compared to the more Vintage
He starts with Standard MOTUC Articulation... No boot cut on the legs, but tail has 1 PoA, like Whiplash or Draego-Man. The Ab crunch is SLIGHTLY hindered by his Torso overlay. The Left Shoulder has a bit of a limitation... Not sure if this happens in ALL the figures or just mine.
Paint and Sculpt:
Any similarity to a pop culture scam artist critic is purely
Luckily he looks very 200X-ish, WHILE retaining the Classics proportions and style. I have to say, the Earrings of Sarkeesia that Ceratus sports almost make him feel offended by everything. All he needs is a plaid shirt and tons of make-up to fight the Eternianchy with your kickstarter dollars. All references to she who musn't be named. the Paintjob is almost monochromatic, him being GREEN! with GREEN! accents. Sure there are some slight differences in shades, but Ceratus was that dull in coloring.
There is very little slop on his paintjob, so he gets a 4.5

One... One Bone Thingie. Is it a scepter, a mace, a pickaxe? Maybe it's a Buttscratcher!
Guess that all that Delicious New Tooling is what hurt his accessory count. Unless we count the Anita earrings...

DO I LIKE Ceratus because he is cool, or is it because I can Make a better Whiplash with him? That is an intriguing question. In any case, he gets a 3.0 as his final score. The lack of accessories and partially blocked Articulation were the reasons why he ranked a bit lower.
Is it me or does Ceratus look good on my "200X-ized" Whiplash
Whippy might need some repainted touches to truly look 200X...
Or should I say Ceratus' body may need some paint to make it
fit better with Whiplash...
I'm HEAVILY LEANING towards making a Ceratus into Whiplash... As soon as Ceratus #2 arrives.


  1. i think it's stupid that they made this guy instead of the minotaur king, so to me, he won't be whiplashes brother (becuse they look nothing alike). he's going to be a dinosaur guy from preternia.

    1. I'm guessing they were hoping that more people like me would buy multiples in order to make a 200X Whiplash.