Nov 24, 2015

Day 2 of Matty's 8 days to Cyber Monday sale.

Here we are again... Bringing an update to the Sale...
So, here's the list of Day One goners:
Yup! Castle Grayskull is Gone... Whether it truly sold out or was temporarily pulled is a Mystery... Remember that Point Dread "Sold Out" and it miraculously came back only to be PULLED!!

  • MOTUC Castle Grayskull
  • MOTUC Stratos
  • MOTUC Spirit of Hordak
  • MOTUC Griffin
    MOTUC Frosta
  • MOTUC Battle Armor Skeletor
  • DCUC Huntress
  • DCUC Ra's Al Ghul
  • DCUC Saint Walker
These were the items that sold out on Day One.

I just noticed that the "Daily Item" is not part of the 50% off sale. It's a separate thing... Yesterday it was Goatman. Today it was Extendar...
Today was a bit meh... Curse my lack of MOTUC Money!!!

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