Nov 16, 2015

and they say there isn't a war against videogames...

Now the Terrorists behind the horrible Paris Attacks are being claimed to have used PS4s to plan the attacks. What does this mean? Basically another excuse to further police videogames. First we have the Wet Blanket Brigade Lead by the rainbow haired tumblrinas who see the world like this:

We had the Morality brigade back in the day, led by Jack Thompson who is a smidge saner than the Tumblrina above.

So, now Videogame consoles are a tool to aid terrorists to plot their acts of terror because they cannot be tracked... All these because one of the terrorists had a PS4... Yes, just because one had a PS4, people are claiming that they used it to communicate.

Yes, Terrorists use Call of Doody to communicate and plan terror attacks...
I recall something about game chats being monitored not to mention that people record those chats to upload to youtube, as seen with the example above. Something stinks here...

I mean this is not the first time people have tried to use Videogames as "a terrorist aiding tool". remember Nine Eleven?

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