Oct 25, 2015

MOTU WWE Crossover, Why hasn't Mattel cashed in on that?

Sometimes, the craziest ideas happen while on the Toilet...

We KNOW that some MOTU Fans are Actual WWE Wrestlers... Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston, and Sheamus come to mind. I think Miz was too, but not sure.
And while googling current WWE stars I found this:
Mattel and WWE KINDA made some sort of crossover before... And I found the article about MOTU memories!

The dream match-up KINDA comes close to my idea... but not close enough.

Here's my idea for the WWE MOTU "year-long" Crossover:
Taking the Classics Canon when He-Man and She-Ra pursue Skeletor on their "New Adventures" a Power Vacuum was left on Eternia. Sensing some evil magics afoot, Teela summons the mightiest warriors that are Not He-Man and She-Ra to Eternia. that's how we end up with the WWE Superstars and Divas on Eternia.

a MOTUC-ized Cena
Basically an excuse to get 12 WWE Superstars on MOTUC Bucks like the TDKR Batman and Superman. the only difference is that they would not look 100% accurate to their "Real Life Counterparts" Like say, having John Cena Running around in Short Jeans and sneakers on Eternia would be a big NO. He'd be wearing a more MOTU version of his Attire.  Think more of Standor than an upscaled Mattel WWE Cena.
Here's a quick doodle of a MOTUfied Cena by using pure MOTUC Parts. Maybe toss in a new removable Armor piece and weapons to complete the MOTUfication .

There are other cases where some of the wrestlers have MOTU-Like stuff on their Attire.
Like Triple H who'd be the leader of the "Evil Wrestlers" and his Skull King Attire would fit VERY WELL On Eternia.
In other cases like Kane or The Undertaker, you take their Hellish Gimmick and MOTUfy their outfits and maybe their physical looks to reflect a bit of their gimmick in the MOTU look.

The question is WHO should go to Eternia... While Personally I'd bring the Legends, but MY Favorite Wrestler was Benoit'd out of History... Aaaaaand the WWE would want to promote their current talent... Which is why I only figured out a quick doodle on a potential MOTUfied WWE wrestler and the one I used was John Cena, because Cena sells to the kids and crap...
So, 12 Wrestlers + 1 Exclusive? Who could I use:
I'm thinking of:
Randy Orton
Roman Reigns
Bella Twins

Taker or Kane
Kofi Kingston
Stephanie McMahon

Sub Exclusive: Horde Mr. McMahon

Part of me wanted to suggest these figures as 2 packs with certain variants of some MOTUC Figures, but seeing the whole issue of the DCUC vs MOTUC failing due to poor choices by Mattel, they wouldn't dare to do that... Also WWE wrestlers are much better "wasted slots" than He-Ro son of He-Man stuff.

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