May 17, 2014

11 things that would have been better than Failmation Hordak for SDCC

Failmation Hordak has been the weakest San Diego Comic Con exclusive for the MOTUC Line.
Since I'm on day 7 of my Back to the Early 90s with no internet, no phone and no cable... Hence the lack of rants during this past week... No pics on this rant since I'm phone-ranting... I forgot that my phone could actually allow me to post rants, with no pics.

Why 11? Because I'm ripping off a page from the Nostalgia Critic's Playbook!

11: Buzz Saw Hordak
Before people stab me with pitchforks and burn me down with torches, hear me out.
Buzz Saw Hordak SUCKS ASS!! If he's made as is. Had Mattel Combined Failmation Hordak AND Buzz Saw Hordak into ONE Figure we'd:
-take the least wanted Hordak variant AND the MOST WANTED Hordak Variant and roll them into one. Basically a white faced, blue skinned Hordak with the Buzz saw Armor. For those who want a more Vintage toy BS Hordak, swap armors with a normal Hordak. toss in the Filmation head as a second head to  make him a bit more appealing for Filmation fans while keeping the original Hordak head for those who prefer the vintage toy inspired look...
Also, he would have fit better with the "Maximizing slots" and all that. As of now we have 5 Vintage MOTU variants remaining for 2015!

10: Energy Zoids
These two were often rumored as the SDCC Exclusive, which made sense. SDCC items have a budget not attached to the normal budget. They fit well with the "Maximizing Slots" plan. That would have been 2 figures out of the way.

9: MultiBot
I campaigned for him as a futile idea of a better SDCC Exclusive, back when speculation pointed at the zoids. Forming MegaBeast before 2015 seems like an obvious idea. Alas, he's being held back for 2015.

8: Flying Fists He-Man vs Terror Claws Skeletor 
This set could have been Called the Second Ultimate Battleground set:
-Knocks 2 of the remaining Vintage 5 Variants out of the way.
-Brings the BIG 2 TOGETHER for San Diego. What would attract more folks Obscure guy #35 from a mini comic or Freaking He-Man and Skeletor?
Aside the Mo-Larr year and the Orko figure we've never had Both He-Man and Skeletor as an exclusive for Comic Con.

7: Catra vs She-Ra Toy inspired pack
Princess of Power is "30" this year. So, it would make sense to have Something She-Ra related.
(Yes, I'll keep wanting these for obvious reasons)

6: Deluxe Alcala styled He-Man (Oo-Larr) 
I've talked about Deluxe Figures before. Especially a Deluxe He-Man. Now what is so deluxe about this one?
He's 2 Figures in one. The Barbarian (named Oo-Larr in the Neitlichverse) with the bare forearms and bare feet. Also, He-Man with the New Forearms for the NA Hands and the He-Man boots (with a new Dagger on the right one. Removable He-man Belt and Bada Bing Bada Boom! 2 for one. If Mattel wanted to Spice it up, they could have added a Green Goddess 2.0 without "I ate at Taco Bell" action!

5: Laser Power He-Man vs Laser Light Skeletor
While these guys scream 2015, we had them in the Gorpo mini comic. Also, Maximizing slots and all that. Not to mention, having the Mani 2 at SDCC.It would have had some synergy with the mini comic and all that.

4: "Filmation Skeletor" with Bone Throne
Mattel pretty much has all the pieces for this. (Skeletor buck with Keldor Boots) All we'd need is the throne and a "Filmation head". People WANT the Bone Throne and would put up with yet another Skeletor. Toss with him a Diamond Ray of Disappearance as an accessory besides the repainted Havoc staff and presto! Evil Diorama that nearly everyone wants. It can also help the folks who want Snake Mountain to have a little something.

The only real reason to get Failmation Hordak is Imp... Now in this case we took Hordak out and replaced him with all the imp forms.

2: Despara
Simple: She promotes the DC Comic AND it's She-Ra's "30th", not to mention that it's a kickass Horde Adora.

1: Slime Pit
A Playset!? Am I nuts!? Not really. a MOTUC Slime Pit wouldn't be THAT Big. Also, the Slime Pit is basically 2 Sheets of Plastic formed into the floor and back wall. (adding the little dino arms and head.) Now for the Special Scalperriffic difference between the San Diego version vs the Mattycollector version: A Bucket of Slime. The Matty version would have no slime (but some clear green pieces to simulate it) The SDCC version would get a polybagged bucket of slime in addition to the pit.

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