May 10, 2014

Twilight's Kingdom... There will be Spoilers!

The Fourth Season Finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is here!

Do Not Read if you haven't seen it... There will be Spoilers... It's in the title there!!

So, I'm not fond of the Twilycorn Princess, because it's a stinking Marketing Ploy. This Season Finale is meant to give Twilight a Purpose.

-Twilight is unsure of herself as a Princess...
-Damn that Flash Sentry
-Spike makes Twilight's lack of importance more obvious... The usual.
-Cadance tries to make Twi feel better, but Twi is a mega downer...
-SONG!! Celestia Cadance and Luna sing!?
-Some Pony got his Cutie Mark stolen by G1 Villain, Tirek! He grows by
eating Cutie Marks!! If you don't know who Tirek is, here's a little refresher.

Yes, He dies by Rainbows in the 80s.
-Celestia Nightmare!! Dun dun dun!!
-Legend time!! Scorpan and Tirek tale... Tirek went to Hell!
-Downer Twi strikes back...
-Discord Poppins... points the M6 in the right direction. *cough*Journal*cough*
-Tirek vs Discord? More like Tirek tempting Discord to the Dark Side!
-Flashbacks to the "Rainbow items" episodes. Dammit! Stop it with the Breezies! Nopony and nobrony likes them!!
-Pinkie plays with boneless and figures out the secret of the chest!  -Downer Twi strikes back! and Spike pukes a letter.
-Discord was seduced by the Dark Side. Nooo!! DERPY!!!!
-Celestia offers to sacrifice Alicorn magic...To be continued

Part II:
-The Alicorn Magic is being shoved into Twilight! Can't tell friends.
-Twilight is no longer Downer Twi. She is Ready!! SHE HAS THE POWER!!
-Discord sensed the shift... The Alicorns can now become CMC!!
-Twilight raises the sun and the moon chaotically!
-Shining Armor vs Tirek... It just got real!
-Tirek tried to eat the Alicorns and failed.
-Twily Rainboom! Twily can't adapt to new power level!
-Holy crap! Tirek is badass! Feel like he's going to betray Discord.
-Tirek figured out about Twilight... The Castleless Princess!
-Mane 5 and Spike were betrayed by Discord. Fluttershy cried...
-Tirek betrayed Discord and ate his magic... I guess Discord WILL give Twi the Key.
-Tirek vs Twilight? Bye bye Library!
-Twilight Shinkuu Hadouken'd Tirek, but it did nothing. Actual Fight!! I mean DBZ levels of fighting here... Holy crap!
-Magic for Twi's friends... Obvious Sacrifice situation. Keep Magic, Lose Friends vs Keep Friends, Lose Magic... Gee! wonder what the answer will be. Keep friends, lose Magic of course!
-Tirek became a Kaiju... and nothing came out of that.
-TASTE THE Power... of Rainbows and Hasbro Marketing!! Friendship IS MAGIC, BITCH!!
-A Tree House Castle for Twilight! Princess of Friendship!!
-SONG!! The End...

My thoughts about it...
Downer Twi was a bit TOO Overplayed. The First song was pretty cool and I was pleasantly surprised to have Celestia AND Luna Sing. Discord's Heel Turn was obvious. I was hoping for a Face Turn before being betrayed by Tirek, but it never fully materializes.
KNOWING that Tirek was the villain made the Rainbow Power Crap a bit more palatable...
The Twilight vs Tirek Fight was very rewarding... Taking in consideration this show's Target Audience.

I suppose that Season 5 will get a new intro... Now, with that said, I CAN'T WAIT for Season 5 since Season 4 ended in such a high note. So far, this has been the BEST Season Finale in the series.

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