May 26, 2014

It's Memorial Day 2014... Holy Crap!!

Many may have some Relatives who may have fallen in one of the many wars that humanity has fought in the past century. While I don't have any who died in battle. I have a few who died as veterans. I may not agree with the Military, the reasons of some wars, but I acknowledge the courage of those who enlisted, are willing to Fight and in some cases die, for whatever the reason. (Patriotism, Economic safety, etc.)

So, let me move away from historical stuff that has some political undertones, before I start rambling on and on like a character from a Hideo Kojima Game.

I think I may keep the Hideo Kojima Game theme because of some reasons:

-Still haven't played MGSV: Ground Zeroes. (Will get to it soon... probably sooner than me playing RE6)
-Been replaying MGS4.  I blame Raiden may Cryonetta for that. So, I've got the story of the game a bit too fresh in my head right now.

I realized something. Big Boss dies (again) in 2014 and Maybe Solid Snake Too!! Two of videogames greatest American Soldiers lost in one year... What does this mean?
The Metal Gear Franchise may be in danger. Think about it. MGS4 is basically Solid Snake's Final Adventure. (Accelerated Aging, FOXDIE) Big Boss also dies (finally) in MGS4. MGS5 is basically Pre Outer Heaven story. (Seems that Ground Zeroes happens in 1975, the Phantom Pain is 9 years later, so that's 1984 and the First Metal Gear game happens in 1995.) Basically we're running out of "Space" in the Metal Gear timeline for Adventures of Big Boss and/or Solid Snake.

Then we have the deaths of the Japanese VAs for Ocelot and Campbell. Allegedly, Hideo Kojima tweeted that due to the death of Campbell's VA, the character will not appear on future games...
Thus shutting down the chance of a Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake remake... The death of Ocelot's VA was before MGS4 and the whole Liquid Ocelot thing was conceived. (Japan getting the better end of the deal, in a way. Having Liquid Ocelot with Liquid's voice... No offense to Patrick Zimmerman, but I freaking love Cam Clarke's voice... Kinda wish he had been voicing Liquid one more time)

So, running out of space for more games with Big Boss and Solid Snake. Does this mean that Hideo could visit the Other Snakes? Obviously, I'm very much looking forward for a Liquid game. Though I wouldn't say no to a Solidus game. I'm not so sure on how I'd feel about More Post MGS4 Raiden games. Not because of Raiden, but more on me disliking Metal Gear rising's gameplay being nothing like any Metal Gear game.

It's a shame that one of my favorite gaming series is coming to an end... At least the end is not as pathetic as how Final Fantasy is going...

Metal Gear Series: I salute you!

It may seem a bit tacky and tasteless to rant about Metal Gear on Memorial Day, but Nothing will be as Tasteless as this:

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