May 17, 2014

Dragstor: The Rant.

We got Snout Spout, we got Extendar, the remaining Third Etherian Experimented on by Hordak is none Other than Dragstor. This one is the only one of the
"Experimental 3" that sided with the Evil Horde. His ability is lying on his belly and zooming around like a drag racer... Hence the name Dragstor...
Sadly he has nothing to do with being a drag queen... MOTUC Double Trouble has that area covered... So Dragstor lies on his belly and zooms past enemies. The vintage figure had a rip-cord to make him race. Now, this is a character that I'm curious to see in Classics. I'll be frank, he's not a "MOST WANTED" for me.
The curiosity stems on how the Action Feature will be implemented on him... The Lazy Answer will be an Armor with a solid unmovable wheel. (I expect this one. TBH) The CHALLENGE for Brandon and the Design Team would be to implement a functioning Wheel to the design WHILE PRESERVING MOST of the Torso Articulation. Making a Solid Piece from the neck to the crotch is the second easiest solution. Not the Best Solution in my opinion but more acceptable than Normal Buck + Armored wheel.
I'm not a Toy Designer, but here's how I see the Wheel remaining Functional:

I have not cracked open a Normal Torso, nor I intend to. The Ab Crunch POA works because the upper Torso and the ab are connected on a peg. This peg also allows for the hinged movement of the Torso. Then the Lower Torso Has a Peg that attaches to the crotch, which allows for the rotating of the waist.

For Dragstor, the Waist Rotation may have to be sacrificed.  A New Ab piece + Crotch in one piece should be used. The Tire part of the wheel should be able to spin freely. The Central Piece that holds the Tire in place should connect to the Upper and Lower torso. the Upper Peg's design with round ends and a square shaped center should allow for the Ab Crunch articulation to remain mostly intact while it stops the central piece holding the wheel from rotating.The Lower peg should be square shaped to stop the central piece from rotating as well.

As you may have noticed, I AM trying the best I can to Preserve the Ab Crunch articulation on him. This is mostly for display reasons. If having Dragstor posed in his racing pose, we NEED The Ab Crunch so he can "SEE" where he's going. No Ab Crunch and he'll be staring at the floor... just like we remember.
Then again, I'm not a toy designer so my idea may be super flawed...
He'd require a bunch of new Parts... Especially the thighs. I honestly DO NOT WANT Trap Jaw Thighs on him.
Head, Upper and Lower Torso, thighs, forearms, backpack, boots. He's almost a 100% new tooling character.

I wonder what will the FourHorsemen do to the Ripcord... Orko's turned into a wand. Personally I hope they turn it into some sort of grappling hook that Dragstor uses to make 90 or 180 degree turns. Worst Case Scenario involves axing the Ripcord.

I suspect he is a 2015 Character since it seems that only He and Multibot are the remaining Vintage Horde Members. Not to mention that 2014 has Entrapta, Scorpia, Modulok, "Filmation Inspired" Hordak with Imp AND Double Trouble as the Horde Figures of the year. OK DT is debatable due to her double agent status. OK 2015 may have a Buzz Saw Hordak lying around. Still, my point still stands, we're a Dragstor and a Multibot short of a complete Toy Horde. (Without counting variants)

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