May 26, 2014

Does Hasbro's Marvel SDCC Exclusives make Mattel's Hordak seem pathetic?

So Hasbro went and did THIS for their SDCC Exclusive for their 3.5" Marvel figures
A Four Pack of Death, Thanos, Starfox and Nebula...
We've already have a MU Thanos... So Death, Starfox and Nebula are new... Interesting...
Well that's not the most interesting part. The coolest part of this $75 set is the INFINITY GAUNTLET!!!
I think it's a bit overpriced since that's 4 MU figures, roughly $40-$45 in value and a Foam Infinity Gem is totally NOT $30.

But their Marvel Legends set is pretty cool as well.  This $100 set has:
Black Bolt, Medusa, Star-Lord, Gladiator, and a Blastaar BAF.
Sure, Hasbro had made a Black Bolt before (With ugly cloth wings on the Holocaust Wave that I NEVER SAW!!) but now this Black Bolt has Plastic wings!! Then there's 3 First timers with Medusa, Star-Lord (who goes well with the Rocket Raccoon BAF) and Freaking Gladiator!!
The only gripe I have about this set is: The set is based around a comic arc whose central character is NOT on the set...

Sure there was the Awesome Marvel Select Thanos from nearly 10 years ago (who is in scale with Marvel Legends) but we kinda need a Marvel Legends Thanos... I'd campaign for a Marvel Legends Shuma Gorath (to round up the Marvel Superheroes Cast) but we'd need Thanos first.

Oh, how many quarters I spent on thee~

So, my question remains: Do these Exclusives make Mattel's Hordak seem pathetic?

"Filmation Hordak": A New Variant of Hordak with very little new Tooling. (Left Cannon Forearm is a new piece. The Boots seem new without the peg holes showing. Imp is 100% New Tooling.)
It's not accurate to the Filmation Source Material. Head and Armor are Wrong.

Marvel Universe Set: 3 New Figures, 1 Repaint. One of the figures is virtually a statue.
Brand New Oversized prop.

5 Figures, one is a 2.0 version of a previous release, the rest are new. One of the newer figures is a BAF sized character.

At a glance, the Hasbro Marvel stuff seems a bit better than Mattel's MOTU offering.

But the Marvel Universe item has a Ridiculously high price tag. Them Hulk Foam Hands are usually in the $20-$25 range... Here we get a SINGLE Foam Hand shaped like  The Infinity Gem and 4 Marvel Universe Figures. As I mentioned way up above; it's way overpriced.

The Marvel Legends set is closer to actual retail value. The Marvel Legends now carry a $20 Price Tag. The set is $100. We could split it as 4 slightly overpriced figures and a BAF or as a 5 Figure set, where one of these is BAF sized.

Mattel's Hordak on the other hand is a slightly overpriced "Lazy Variant" of a figure we already have 3 variants of. Or we could see it as a $30 Imp with a free Hordak.

While Hordak is Cheaper and will be slightly easier to obtain... (Mattycollector is a lot better than Hasbro's site to get SDCC items.) I still feel that Hordak is simply pathetic for a San Diego Comic Con exclusive.

Hasbro is maximizing their slots for their Marvel Lines and using their Special SDCC Budget to deliver something with OOMPH!! Mattel? Well, not so much. They half-assed the most wanted Hordak variant and wasted the SDCC Slot. So much for Mattel Maximizing their slots!!

ML Gladiator... 2004 Me would be so pissed off if he knew.

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