May 7, 2014

Alternate Universes... Parallel Timelines... Multiple Continuities... Cohesiveness in MOTU?

Classics is a hodgepodge of past continuities, some of them with conflicting canons. Somehow the Mattel Bio Writing Team manages to Shove all of these in one continuity. We have seen hiccups in continuity... Especially when the Bio Team changes events and tells us to use the cartoons as reference. This falls flat especially during the New Adventures of He-Man chapter. Mattel wants us to follow the Toon, but the events of it do not match MOTUC Continuity.
On the Toon only He-Man and Skeletor went to the Tri-Solar Galaxy. On MOTUC He-Man, She-Ra, various heroes went to the Tri-Solar Galaxy following Skeletor.

Having a Time Traveler character is the best way to iron out some of the kinks due to the multiple universes, parallel timelines multiple continuities, etc. in MOTU. Spector is not being used to the best of his potential. I made a rant already about making an Alternate Timeline story with Spector and redoing some older figures from the Alternate Timeline.

The Spector angle is the best way to Streamline the timeline and "fix" the bigger errors in the Classics Canon. Any Contradiction of Past events with the newer, more cleaned up continuity can be chalked up to Spector fixing some errors in the timeline (done by some time criminals or something.)

For example: the Pre-Filmation Barbarian He-Man could be Adam from a  different timeline where Hordak Kidnapped BOTH Children, but lost Adam as he escaped  the Palace. Adam was raised in the vine jungle without knowledge of his true heritage and name. Or Despara being the Adora from a timeline where He-Man failed to bring Adora to the light and she fully ascended to Leader Status after Killing Hordak.

While Parallel timelines MAY seem complicated at first, it's an easy (and somewhat lazy) way to fix al the discrepancies in continuity. We state that there are certain "fixed points" in the timeline that CANNOT be changed. Like say: One of Randor's Children MUST BE Taken by the Horde or Keldor MUST Be Mortally wounded by Randor at the end of the Great Unrest. Other events CAN Be Changed. Like say: Geldor Lives after his defeat by a Tree, or Nepthu dies and never joins the Snakemen. the whole convoluted mess is simply Spector writing journals based on different timelines. In other words the Bios are Journal Entries made by Spector on Each character.

Then again, we needed a better team that would have streamlined the story since the beginning...

Again, I'm going to touch the "cloned sword"... MOTUC canon states:
He-ro brought the sword, died and gave it to Grayskull. Grayskull split the sword in two as he died.
The swords were kept separate for nearly 5000 years and were rejoined to be cloned. The "clone" got a stone of protection for some reason and the "original" was split in two. Somehow Keldor/Skeletor got the whole sword and then only half. Adam ended up with half of the sword and ran around with the Techno Sword that could also access the power of Grayskull. Eventually Adam got the whole sword by fusing both halves. Then Adam gave the clone to his sister. His sword transformed to the NA Version and the Laser Power version. He gives the sword to Dare and it becomes the vintage version.

Here's how you could have simplified the whole thing:
He-ro brought the sword, died and gave it to Grayskull. Grayskull split the sword in two as he died.
The swords were kept separate for nearly 5000 years. Keldor/Skeletor ended up with one Half of the Sword and Adam ended up with the Other half. The Techno Sword that Adam uses is a "Half sword Emulator" (Made by Duncan AND The Sorceressby using King Grayskull's Ax and Shield) to access the power of Grayskull. Unable to fully join both halves, due to Skeletor's half being corrupted by evil; The Sorceress uses He-Ro's Gem of Protection to Purify the blade. Using He-ro's Armor and Staff, The Sorceress asks Duncan to make a second Techno Sword. This sword becomes Adora's sword. Then we have the NA and Laser Power evolution. After giving the Power Sword to Dare, Adam forges his own sword based on Duncan's Techno Sword.

While there are more words on my explanation, I simplified the whole story of the swords AND in a way I added an explanation on WHY Adam seems to be more aligned with Grayskull, while Adora seems more aligned with He-Ro.

Hell, it's even easier to fix the conflicting origins of He-Man WITHOUT Parallel timelines. The Real Origin is the whole Adam, blah, blah, blah, By the Power of Grayskull, I have the Power!!! thing. In order to "disguise" the whole Adam being He-Man thing, the "winds of myth and legend" could speak of the Pre-Filmation Mini comics He-Man as being the Real He-Man.

But this is an even crazier "new" concept: Not all characters need to be "tied by canon".
Do we REALLY NEED a reason to justify Despara in MOTUC? HELL NO! She's simply a cool alternate take on Force Captain Adora! Even the Horrible Iron-He-Man could be added to MOTUC WITHOUT Needing some ridiculous explanation on how his armor is the Anti-Horde Armor or something.

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