May 12, 2014

Tung Lashor: What's Mattel going to do with him?

There is A snakeman that I dread to own... That is Sssqueeeze. The other one left is the one I had as a child, Tung Lashor.
He poses a little problem... WHICH of HIS 3 Looks should he get?
Vintage Like most MOTUC? (The most likely option)

Filmation? (Oh please, Toy Lords, or in this case Guru, don't you DARE pick this option!)

200X? I know, I know... Take it away, Vinnie Mac!

There's something that BUGS Me out of Tung Lashor...
Look at the pic: Vintage Tungy looks like a Poison Dart Frog.

Filmation, well Charmander looks like Tungy!

200X Looks a bit more like a Gila Monster...

You know what he DOES NOT LOOK LIKE?

Go on, click on the link and listen to Voice Actor Paul Eiding telling you the answer... I'll wait...

THAT is my main issue with Tung Lashor. You probably figured it out WITHOUT listening to Mr. Eiding. He's my favorite character from the Snakemen faction. The prehensile tongue is a cool power... A bit disturbing, but cool! Now unto the Figure itself:
I expect it to be 95% Vintage and the remaining 5% is cool stuff from 200X.

Tungy only needs an Upper Torso, Head(s), Hands, and Feet. And in a Worst Case Scenario, they could reuse the Whiplash Feet on him.

The only real 200X Elements I'd like to see on him are:
-Optional Torso Armor. Like Rattlor before him, the lack of Armor would make him feel Incomplete. the Horsemen could "cheat" by making a "Slip-On" piece to create the armored look with it, and without it Tungy looks vintage.
-The extended Tongue. While ridiculous, the fanged tongue is more threatening than the vintage Strip...
I seem to recall that Marvel Select msde the tongue for their Venom Removable. This could work for Tung Lashor as well. It saves Mattel/The Horsemen the chore of making a second head. That way they can give us 3 Tongues: normal, Vintage extended, 200X Extended.

He doesn't REALLY Require THAT much new Tooling, so I expect him to be a 2015 figure...

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