May 24, 2014

Oh goody! A Gothic MLP Set seems to be coming to TRU!!

By the looks of it I'm 98.35% sure that I'm skipping this sucker.
Hoo boy! Where to start!
It looks like the Mane 6 Minus Applejack (Who I guess noticed how ridiculous everyone else looked and bowed out of this set.) and Princess Sunbutt spent some time in prison... Check out those Prison tats on them.
The worst part is the Tampo Clothing and the "Goth" Cutie Marks...
Seriously, Celestia has a Pink Eclipse Cutie Mark, while Fluttershy has MOTHS!!
Why is Sunbutt there? Wouldn't Luna fit better with the "Goth Crowd"

I suppose that now Twilight shall learn a Different kind of Magic...

My Little Pony: MCR is Magic.

Dammit Hasbro! Why is it so freaking hard to make sets with characters that people would actually WANT!!

Is it too freaking Hard to have Big McIntosh, Doctor Hooves, Rose(luck), a Great and Powerful Trixie with cape, hat and Alicorn necklace, Flash Sentry (can't believe I am adding him here), and an Applejack with a Cartoon Accurate Hat.

Hell! I would have Taken Princess Twilight vs Tirek and some extras as a TRU set... Seriously, Promoting the hell out of Rainbow Power, yet nothing about the Villain who FELL TO Rainbow Power... Then again, I'm still waiting for this guy.

This set is Soo disappointing and I'm glad that I can totally skip this!

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