May 28, 2014

It came from the Toy chest: Scorpia

Well, well, well, the final of the Filmation Femme Fatale Trio is Finally here. For those who don't know, I'm talking about Scorpia, Octavia and Shadow Weaver as the FFFT.

So, Scorpia is Finally Here!! What does this mean? Well it means a couple of things:
-All that is left is Dragstor, Multibot, Imp, Entrapta and Double Trouble to complete the Horde. 3 of those are coming in 2014.
-Another highly wanted Filmation Character has made it in Classics.

That's plenty enough to Celebrate... So now, let's Talk Scorpia.

Scorpia Loses 4 POA on her legs as most new POP Ladies lose their Boot Cut and the High Heeled Foot means that they also lose the Rocker Ankles (as seen on the flat soled feet on figures like Teela) She gains one POA on her Tail, which turns like Whiplash's or Rattlor's. So she gets a 3.5 here.

 Paint and Sculpt:
Scorpia looks like a Classicized Scorpia. She has her Filmation look but with added Details that make her pop. I LOVE the bumps and cracks on the caparace of her insectoid parts. Her new parts make her POP in a GREAT WAY!!
If there is one nitpick I have here is the color choices. Her Shoulders have a red that does not match the rest of the figure. I know that's the red seen on her animation cells, but it doesn't match the red of her Horde Skirt.

A Crossbow... a SINGLE FREAKING CROSSBOW is all she gets as an accessory.

Scorpia gets a 3.5 as her score. It's pretty bad, but I blame the lack of accessories here. Mattel made up some BS excuse on why Scorpia has a clip-on crossbow. Look at the pic where I have Scorpia holding Octavia's Crossbow. Their BS Reasoning may have stopped other accessories for Scorpia or anyone else... Seriously, they could have made a red cat Crossbow for Catra and have it come with Scorpia.

The Horde is growing... Mwahahahahahahaha!!

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