May 26, 2014

A MOTU Fan-Film on Kickstarter!? Time is running out!

Where the Heck was I when this happened!? This has been going on for nearly a month and I missed out on the news!? Bad Nefty!
OK, so here's this Kickstarter for a Fan-Film based on MOTU. If they reach the funds needed before this Thursday, May 29; then Daniel Benedict (The Castle Grayskullman Creator) will film this movie.
Here's the Link for the Kickstarter! The Fall of Grayskull fan film project.
as of Today, they are $1613 short of reaching their goal of $9500. I don't often promote these Kickstarter campaigns, but this one is MOTU Related and since Mattel is hellbent on dragging their feet as much as possible for the official Hollywood He-Man movie... Well, we need something to make Mattel and Sony get their asses in gear.

Personally I have more hopes on Fan Projects than the Hollywood versions (see Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist) So, if you have some extra cash lying around and you love Masters of the Universe, consider giving some of that cash to them before this Thursday!

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