May 28, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Cringer's Great Grandpa Granger...

I kid you not... Battle Lion, King Grayskull's very own Battle Cat is called Granger. Sadly, he is not related to Hermione. He is also a Liger...
and he is huge... in the cartoon he is MASSIVE. King Grayskull was like a half-Giant and The Cartoon Battle Lion makes King Grayskull look tiny next to him... So Classicizer machine shrunk down Granger and made him what he is now.

So he's like Cringer's ancestor and when Adam summons the Power, he can make Cringer channel the power of his ancestor too!

So, here's the review for Battle Lion:
OK I lied... I just found out that the MOTU Fan-Film Kickstarter reached their goal!! Awesome! This calls for a celebration!! In any case here's the Review for Battle Lion.

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