May 21, 2014

Dammit Disney!! Why do you make so many catchy songs in your movies!?

It's been what? Six Months since THAT Movie came out and I can't go anywhere without hearing THAT Song... I mean No one wants to Build a Snowman or those other songs that no one remembers, because all Everybody remembers is that annoyingly catchy song that is pretty much everywhere...
I mean ir's weird enough when I'm doing stuff and suddenly I begin to sing: (badly)

Conceal, don't feel,

don't let them know
Well now they know

Then I quickly stop because I realized what I'm doing... It's nothing against Disney songs, but I'm trying to not remember THAT Song... Which is why I WILL NOT Review Frozen... Because All I remember is That Song, some implied Zoophilia, *PLOT TWIST Removed!* and that's pretty much it!
So, in the Spirit of Disney Songs (sticking to Animated Features, so we won't see anything regarding the ball-wrecking daughter of the Mullet-Loving dude with a frail heart.) Here's my Top 10 Songs from a Disney Animated Feature:

10-Under the Sea:
The Sole Representation of The Little Mermaid. I kinda Blame Kingdom Hearts II in part for this. Having to do that sing-a-long pseudo-rythm game sequence drilled that song into my head. Though in all fairness, I DID like the song a bit more than Part of Your World (which is the OTHER Little Mermaid Song I remember)

09-Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo: (spelling?):
Well, This is one of the Few songs from CLASSIC Disney Movies that I randomly hum... (Mostly because I'm too lazy to learn the Lyrics) and I began re-watching the Original Cinderella thanks to the 50+ years later sequels... (with Jennifer Hale doing Cinderella... Sadly, she does not say Anti-Freezing Peptide in any of those movies... Prince Charming was none other than Christopher Daniel Barnes. I'll let this sink in. The Cinderella Sequels have Both Black Cat and Spider-Man as Cinderella and Prince Charming... But wait... Spider-Man was also Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid) In any case here's Bibbidi, Bobbidi Boo... (For some reason I want to see some Monkey Men turn blonde and fight a pink fat dude)

08-Cruella DeVil:
I'm not too fond of 101 Dalmatians, but the whole Cruella song was awesome. Roger is pretty much mocking Cruella through song and it's pure genius. We hear the lyrics before Cruella shows up at the house; then Roger keeps playing the song louder as Cruella is there... Proto-Trolling?

07-Friend Like Me:
Now I'll reach to the 90s Era of Disney with this song from Aladdin. I could have chose Arabian Knights, which I honestly like more, but due to some controversial lyrics, I cannot officially endorse that song. Also, I don't like the sanitized version. To be Honest, it's the visuals what I like the most with this song.

06-One Jump Ahead:
This is the Other Song From Aladdin (aside Arabian Nights) that I LOVE. I can almost say that THIS is my Favorite Song from Aladdin... A Whole New World  be damned!

05-Be Prepared:
This list needs some more Villain Flavoring... While The Lion King has a LOT of Great Songs, I'm picking Be Prepared because Scar Singing and the Militaristic Imagery on the song sends some chills down my spine. This is my #2 Favorite The Lion King Song... Let's face it, After The Lion King the rest of the songs weren't as great... Until Frozen and THAT song came along.

04-Colors of the Wind:
Well, James Cameron's Avatar minus the Giant CGI Cats needs some representation and this is the only thing I remember from this movie... Well, to be more precise: The only thing I remember from the whole Pocahontas movie is: Wait, Isn't Pocahontas supposed to be like 10? and
 Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?
Literally that's the only line from Colors of the Wind aside the Title that's the only part of the song that I remember.

03- Be our Guest:
Beauty and The Beast... I was torn which song should I pic from this movie... It was this or the Gaston song. But, Gaston's theme is lacking something a je ne sais quoi that Be our Guest has.

02-You've got a friend in me:
The only song from the Pixar branch of Disney Animated features. This song happens to be on my MP3 Player and often pops up at the most inappropriate times. Now, going back to the song and in a way, the movie. This song is what I associate with the Toy Story series.

01-Hakuna Matata:
What a wonderful phrase! It means no worries for the rest of your days. Also, it's a catchy song and MY Favorite Song from The Lion King and all of Disney's Animated Features. Reminds me of a more innocent time and breaking into this song and having others join in as well was beautiful...

Heh, aside a few choices here and there, most of my picks are pretty much the same songs that were hammered down everyone's eardrums... Dammit Disney!!

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