May 21, 2014

Andrew Garfield will be back for 2 more Spider-Man Movies...

Meh... He's not a bad Spidey... He's not the BEST Parker, but he has the potential... Now if they got rid of Marc Webb, who seems to be the common denominator on the suckitude of the last 2 Spider-Douche Movies. The writers were not the same people... Though I do not want the Spider-Douche 2 Writers back... The Kurtzman-Orci team of fail... They write crappy movies that somehow make money...

Exhibit A...

For Garfield to be the Best Peter Parker, they first need to stop the Labeouf Stutter

Tone down the douchebag factor as Peter. (Spidey can be a bit of a douche). Ramp up the awkwardness a bit more... (Tobey-Man had this perfectly...) Keep the Wisecracks for Spidey.

That's all they need to do to improve his Peter... Everything else... Dammit Jim, I'm a ranter, not a Miracle Worker!!

In a way, it scares me that Garfield is tied down to TWO MORE MOVIES... Not because of him, but because they will make TWO MORE SEQUELS after the disappointment that was "Amazing" Spider-Man 2... While Better than the First "Amazing" it was not better than this:

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