May 20, 2014

Oh Noes! Poor Vinnie Mac!!

Let me shed a tear, because Poor Vince McMahon is no longer a BILLIONAIRE... He is simply now a Multi-Millionaire!! Yes, Poor Vinnie Mac Lost $350 Million in 24 hours. Analysts put the blame on the Online Streaming Service (WWE Network) and the TV Deal with NBCUniversal to keep Raw and Smackdown on TV...

This has NOTHING TO DO AT ALL with how Crappy the WWE has become...
godCena running around being a pathetic store brand knock-off of Hulk Hogan (in the 80s)
Steph and HHH trying to be Cartman 
good fighters being kept in the mid-card status because HHH is bringing in his old buddies.
the lack of decent stories for feuds. When you start making feuds because of comments from reality shows that were recorded months ago, but aired recently... seems pathetic.
I swear I won't mention the craptacular way the Streak was ended...

But it's OK, The Quality of the WWE shows had NOTHING to do with the "smaller than expected" amount of sub subscribers to the WWE Network service.

I feel REALLY BAD for Poor Vinnie Mac... How can he afford to live with a net worth of $750 Million? I see a lot of Ramen in Poor Vinnie Mac's future.
In the meantime I'll leave this as a reminder on why Vince is now in the Poorhouse.

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