May 8, 2014

It's Morphin' time?

Lionsgate is interested in doing a Power Rangers movie... I found about this when one person was asking his followers to pester Lion Gates to have HIM in the movie as A Power Ranger. I'll give you a hint:

I don't mind the idea of a Reboot of Power Rangers... Part of me has been aching for one.
the part I find weird is that Jason David Frank (Mighty Morphin' Green, White Rangers, Zeo, Turbo Red Rangers, and Dino Thunder Black) wants to be Tommy in this reboot.
Last time I checked, Zordon says:
"Alpha, Rita's escaped! Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude!" 

Nowhere it indicates to locate a 40-year-old man to pretend to be a Teenager with Attitude!!

As much as I like JDF, I think it's time to... wait for it... Let it go! It's a freaking Reboot! Not a continuation of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

I wouldn't say no to a JDF Cameo, but not to have him as a Ranger. Maybe he could be New Tommy's dad or something.
I'm a bit wary about this, but not as I am with the TAINT or how I was with Spider-Douche... Unless they Twilightize the hell out of MMPR...

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